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Camp Details

Tapestry Academy is excited to partner with Brave Generation Academy for a summer camp!

We will Connect • Conquer • Collaborate • Create every day, following Tapestry Academy's learning model.  90 minutes each day will be devoted to self-directed learning, so bring your computer and headphones!  The rest of the day will be accomplished with project and mastery-based learning. 
Lots of time to collaborate with other learners and create something!  

Session 1: June 10—July 5, 2024

Week 1, Math & Science Rocks!  Volcanoes, Hexaflexagons, Rock n’ Roll, 

Week 2, Pancakes vs. Waffles, debate, cooking, pop culture
Week 3, Florida, Stop Motion Fun
Week 4, Color & Craft Wars, Modern art exploration & crafts

Session 2: July 8—August 2, 2024

Week 5:  Build–It Week, architecture, mine-craft, engineering, etc.
Week 6:  Mad Science, exploding, dissecting, exploring science
Week 7:  International Week, foods, culture, dance, music, stories 

Week 8:  Small Biz Week, public speaking, logo design, create a website

Early Bird discounts given for 4 week sessions.

Early Bird Discount applies to 4 week sessions. 
10% Discount ends 3/31/24,
5% Discount ends 4/31/24.
Sibling discount is 10%. Cannot be combined with other offers.
Minimum 5 students/session required. 

Maximum of 15 students/session.
Classes will be confirmed 2 weeks before.

$50 Non-refundable registration fee for each student per Summer.

Perfect Camp for Grades 5–9, All Ages 10+ welcome.
Students must bring lunch, water bottle, snacks and computer/headphones.  
No phones used during camp. (If you bring it, keep it in your backpack.)
Three weeks | 21 days notification in writing before your child’s 1st day of camp. A refund of paid program fees and a 15% administrative fee will be applied. Registration Fees are not refunded.  

Transportation is not provided by Brave Generation Academy or Tapestry Academy. Transportation is provided by parent volunteers if a field trip is listed for the week you selected, or you can drop off at the location. (Typiclally 1-2x/month) All staff and volunteers will have a background check on file.  Any beach activities will be done in the presence of active life-guard on duty and staff/volunteers.  Swimmers participate at their own risk.

Brave Generation Academy offers classes to students ages 11+ for middle and high school.  Regular classes will also be going on during camp at this location.

Want to schedule a tour before signing up?  Email/text us to schedule.

Contact:  Candace Lehenbauer,, 561-212-4350


Register for Summer Camp in Boca Raton.

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