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Middle & High School Program
Tapestry Academy

We are collaborating with Brave Generation Academy

for our Teen Program in Boca Raton.
Grades 6–12


315 SE Mizner Blvd., Suite 210, Boca Raton, FL

Contact Bear Lehenbauer:

BGA Boca Raton—Middle & High School

Ongoing Enrollment

Brave Generation Academy (BGA) Overview

1. What is BGA


2. BGA's documentary series


3. Tim Vieira's (Founder of BGA) article on what needs to be changed in education


Full & Part-time Access Available 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Knowledge — Skills — Community
8–30 Students at each location


Boca Raton is currently the first BGA in the United States,

with plans to expand to surrounding areas as our need grows.
There are now 50+ hubs world wide.


Ongoing Enrollment

Our hub is available year round.
Curious?  Call us for a free tour, or experience a trial day for $50.  Must be paid in advance.


Screen Shot 2023-07-08 at 12.15_edited.j

Full 5 Day Access

You're one of the family!


($1,200/month x 12 months) 

$14,400/year + $1,150 registration ($650 registration renewal yearly)

One time $1,200/month payment up front (Returned at last month.)

Cambridge or American Curriculum Available.  See below.

Free Access to Florida Virtual School Curriculum for home education students, or PEP students can use their scholarship to access these classes.


Screen Shot 2023-07-08 at 12_edited.jpg

3 Day Hybrid

Access to the Hub
for online learning, setting goals with our learning coach, professional atmosphere, and regular hub activities.

3 Days/Week
M/W/F or T/W/Th

$950/month x 10 months
+ $1,150 registration
($650 registration renewal yearly)
August – May
Prorated for mid-year enrollment.
One time $950/month payment up front (Returned at last month with BGA.)

$100/day, Schedule and paid
24 hours in advance.

Bring your own curriculum,

or use ours. Add'l fees may apply.
Approx. 4-6 hours/day
between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.

Screen Shot 2023-07-08 at 12.15_edited.j

1 on 1 Tutoring

Full or Hybrid Access +
Add'l Fee for Tutoring available

Virtual Tutoring Pay As You Go

Middle School Academics $60/hour
High School Academics $65/hour

Virtual Prepaid Tutoring Discount

10 Hours 10% Discount
Middle School 10 Hours $54/hour

High School 10 Hours $58.50/hour

In Person Tutoring

Middle School Academics $65/hour
High School Academics $70/hour
Must have at least 1 hour per session.

Must be scheduled or canceled
24 hours in advance.

Discover BGA's Pricing Structure and Commitment to Accessibility

At BGA, we believe that quality education should be accessible to all learners. We understand that pricing plays a crucial role in choosing the right educational path for your child. That's why we strive to offer transparent pricing that ensures affordability without compromising the excellence of our learning model and experience.

Our Full Access Fees

One-Time Admission Fee: $1150

*non-refundable, paid after the onboarding meeting is complete

Annual Registration Fee renewal: $650

*paid annually after the completion of the Learner’s first year and in subsequent years
One month tuition due up front will be returned for last month at BGA.

Annual Fee Structure:

Tuition: 12 monthly payments of $1,200

British International Curriculum: Cambridge Online Program

American Core Curriculum: Available at an add'l fee of approx $3,000/year. 

Available Discounts:

Siblings Discount

2nd Child = 5% off the total monthly fee

3rd Child = 7.5% off the total monthly fee

Upfront Payment Discount

Paying 12 months upfront gives you a 3% discount on the total yearly fee

What’s Included?

  • Access to Top Curricula: Offering access to renowned curricula, such as the British International Curriculum and the American Core Curriculum, providing a comprehensive and globally recognized educational foundation. Access to a wealth of asynchronous educational content, allowing Learners to study and learn at their own pace and convenience.

  • Access to BGA Hubs: An inspiring environment designed for success; Effective learning comes from a mix of online and offline. BGA Learners have access to our worldwide chain of Hubs, in order to fulfill their social side alongside our innovative courses. Our Hubs offer a variety of spaces to provide an enriching peer-to-peer atmosphere where Learners can thrive.

  • BGA’s Dual Teacher Role:
    Trained Learning Coaches: Dedicated professionals who provide guidance, support, and mentorship to Learners throughout their educational journey.
    Expert Course Managers: Subject experts and experienced professionals who oversee and manage the curriculum delivery, ensuring high-quality education and academic support.

  • Software: Powerful, user-friendly, and accessible from anywhere.
    Utilization of cutting-edge software, including a Learning Management System (LMS) and dashboards, powerful analytics that monitor progress and provide insights, allowing for continuous improvement and personalized learning experiences, facilitating seamless communication, progress tracking, and engagement within the learning community.

These components work together to create a holistic educational experience, empowering Learners to thrive academically and personally.

At BGA, we are committed to providing affordable education that prepares Learners for a bright future. We believe that every child deserves a chance to excel, and we invite you to explore our programs, Hubs, and get to know our dedicated team of educators. Invest in your child's education with confidence, knowing that BGA offers exceptional value and an unwavering commitment to their success.

Updated 5/7/24

Teens & Tweens Game Nights,
Field trips & Public Speaking Classes

Visit our Facebook Page, Facebook Community Group or WhatsApp Group for more info on dates.
Brave Teens South Florida

First Time Waiver & RSVP

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