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This page is to help you have access to our enrollment forms quickly.  

Enrollment Forms and Class Syllabus

Enrollment Forms: 2019–2020

Click Link to download from Google Drive.

Please print and fill out.  Contact [email protected] for more info.

Forms can be delivered in person, emailed, or mailed to our PO Box found at the top of each form.

Student Handbook & Application 2019–20

Open House Info 2019–20 Link

Curriculum Info for 2019–20 Link

Financial Tuition 2019–20

Student Recommendation Letter (2 Recommendations please)

Helpful Forms 2018–19:  To be updated Summer 2019.


Dress Code & Uniforms

Weekly Schedule

Classes Info

Tapestry Mission Binder Cover

NOTE: An online Calendar is also updated frequently with activities and classes.  www.tapestryacademy.com/calendar

*We will be utilizing iGradePlus for grades.

4 or 10–Week Classes Enrollment Forms

Enrollment Forms: Students taking a 4 or 10-week class in: 

•  Art & Projects (Tuesday Mornings 8:45 a.m.)

•  Life-Skills Only  (Friday Mornings 10:30 a.m.)

•  Choir Only (Monday or Wednesday Afternoons 12:30 p.m.)

Click Link to download from Google Drive.
Please print and bring the first day of class.  Feel free to ask any questions.  Thanks!

4 or 10 Week Classes Student Handbook & Application

Financial Tuition 4 or 10 Week Classes

Helpful Forms:


Weekly Schedule

Class Syllabus

Will be updated for 2019–2020. 

Click on the links below for access to each class syllabus from 2018–19.

All syllabi are subject to change.  For a more up to date class syllabus, full-year students and parents can access iGradePlus.


Math Class 2018–19 Syllabus

Math Print Sheets Odd/Even/Test Saxon

Math Sample Scan Submission


English Class 2018–19 Syllabus


Biology Class 2018–19 Outline

Science 2018–19 Syllabus


Ancient History 2018–19 Syllabus

Sample Paper

Character Education

Goal Setting Personal Navigator

Thomas Jefferson Education Book List Suggestions

25 Summer Book Suggestions

Helpful Links: