Frequently Asked Questions

Is Tapestry Academy a school?

Tapestry Academy is not a school. It is a home education resource and tutoring center where learners can attend 1 to 4 days a week depending on their schedule and interests. Tapestry Academy is a community of families and professionals working together to create an education for grades 3–8.

What is the admissions process?

The admissions process includes an application, portfolio review, and an interview. We will also provide you with a tour of Tapestry Academy. Grades or transcripts are not required. We do require a Saxon placement test for our Math Lab, and samples of writing for our English Lab.

Can I drop off my children?

Elementary students (3rd-5th grade) must be accompanied by a parent who remains on the premises. Students (6th grade+) or ages twelve and older may be dropped–off for supervised planned classes and activities. Parents are responsible for their children at all times.

Do public high schools accept non-traditional students?

Yes. Compulsory aged students are not denied access to public high school in their assigned area where they live.  We recommend year-end standardized testing by either the IOWA test, SAT test to show grade level. Students can apply for the School Choice program for Palm Beach County to be accepted to specialized magnet schools as well. Deadlines are early for applications, so check the Palm Beach County School website for more details. For application into rigorous academic programs such as STEM or Cambridge AICE, a parent made transcript is also recommended that shows classes, books, duration of the class, etc. along with assignments completed. Class Syllabus with dates and any grades or comments from tutors or teachers is helpful as well. Tapestry Academy full and part-time program students receive assistance with these records.

Do high schools accept credit from non-traditional classes?

No. For Highschool level classes taken in middle school such as Algebra1, High school level Spanish, Biology, etc., at Tapestry Academy is required to take an accredited course online to receive actual credit on high school transcripts. This blended program works well with Tapestry Academy, as students are still able to have access to friends and community while working online, as well as work on high school level courses for accelerated advancement. Official High school Transcripts are only for Grades 9–12. Grades 8 and below are preparatory.

Choir and Leadership Uniform Info:

Jackets will be worn for important events, ie. giving a speech, leading a meeting, or choir performance.

Adjustable Plaid Tie: Blue Red Plaid, Boys Tie: Item 10301

Adjustable Plaid Tie: Blue Red Plaid, Girls Tie: Item 10754

Classic School Blazer Girls, Item 1658B

Classic School Blazer Boys, Item 1627A

White Button up Shirt Girls/Boys: Can purchase anywhere.

Navy khaki pants or navy skirt/skorts: Can purchase anywhere.

Everyday Uniform:

Solid colored polo shirt: Can purchase anywhere.

Navy, Black or Tan Khaki pants/ shorts/ skirts: Can purchase anywhere.

Dress Code Details

Dress Code / Uniform

Uni means One.  When we are together, we dress in a way that increases our self-value, leadership skills, and we look super sharp. We study better, and we become one in purpose and mission.

• We require students to wear a uniform every school day and on field trips.

Shirts: Tapestry academy polo or T-shirt every day OR solid color collared polo. Girls are welcome to wear the polo dresses or jumpers as well.

Bottoms: Khaki pants or knee-length shorts in tan, navy blue, or black. Jeans or leggings worn alone are not acceptable.

• A Navy Blue Suit jacket is required for:

—Leadership classes

(can be worn with polo underneath)

—Choir performances and navy pants or

navy skirt for girls, with a white button-up shirt.

Field trip T-shirts with Tapestry logo can be

purchased for $11.

• There are occasional dress down days if the dress code is followed strictly. Please follow the dress code of modest attire. Finger length skirts/shorts, no tank tops, no vulgar words on shirts, no tight-fitting leggings, etc.