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Tapestry Academy is the first Prenda Micro-school in Florida.
We are looking to create a network of micro-schools in Boca Raton and surrounding areas. 

Info Link on More Details for Guides and Hosts for South Florida

Details on compensation, etc. 

Goal: 5 Microschools Fall 2021.

K–8 Program

K-8 Blended Model



Independently Run Micro-schools

Becoming a Prenda guide is life-changing. As a guide, you are able to inspire, coach, and mentor your students without worrying about grading papers, lesson plans, or being a specialist in any subject. We help passionate, caring adults who want to make a difference start independently-run micro-schools in their communities. We train, support, and encourage you every step of the way but it is your micro-school! Bring your passion, your creativity, and your unique talents to create an environment where kids in your community can thrive. 

Common Questions

Tapestry Academy is a Prenda Program in South Florida

+ What does a Prenda Learning Guide do?

Being a Learning Guide is an opportunity to inspire, mentor, and coach. Prenda Guides are not teachers in the traditional sense of the word. There's no lesson planning, assignments, grading or lecturing. We use technology to create a balanced, blended learning environment that frees you up to build meaningful relationships with your students as you help them master academic content, learn vital social skills, and tap into their creative powers. As a Prenda Learning Guide you will have the opportunity of creating your very own microschool and inviting 5-10 learners from your community to join you on this exciting adventure! As a learning guide, you are responsible for providing a safe space for kids to learn and for finding students to attend your school. We provide you with the training, supplies, mentoring, and community that you will need to get started as a Guide!

+ Who can be a Learning Guide?

To become a guide, you will need to pass a background check, obtain an level 1 fingerprint clearance, interview with us, and complete the guide certification process (this takes approximately 2-3 weeks). Experience working with children is also a must! We do not require that guides be certified teachers or have any particular formal degree. You do not need to be a content expert. You do need to have an open mind as you come to understand the Prenda Learning Model and philosophy, live by our core values and constantly be learning how you can better serve your students! It also doesn't hurt if you are a little tech savvy!

+ Are Learning Guides Compensated?

Yes! We compensate guides according to the number of students that enroll in their class. Guiding is a part-time job (between 16-20 hours/week). You need 5 students to start a micro-school and the student cap is set at 10. If you have a full class, you can make between $15–$30/hour for a 10 month school year.

+ Is being a Guide easy?

Nope. Being a guide takes dedication, patience, and a willingness to dig deep to support the kids you serve. Being a guide is a challenge, but it is incredibly satisfying work! You are not alone on this journey. Our guide community and team are with you every step of the way. Our experienced guides tell us that becoming a Prenda Guide has changed their lives forever. The opportunity for personal growth and development is unparalleled. If you have been looking for a way that you can actually change the world, you've found it.

+ What curriculum is used? Do I need to lecture or lesson plan?

Prenda guides don’t actually teach any academic content. We provide each student with the online learning tools they need to access the academic instruction they need. No tests, no grading, no homework, no making assignments. You might spend time preparing for your class, but you won’t need to build formal lesson plans. Instead, you will become acquainted with a variety of online learning tools. You will need to know these tools well so you can guide students, track their progress, and know when the student might need additional support.

How Do I Become a Guide?

STEP 1: Schedule a time to talk with us by emailing

STEP 2: After we chat, you can submit an application and culture survey

STEP 3: Interview with our team

Step 4: Start your training!   

Tapestry Academy 
Homeschool Meets Dayschool
Microschool Grades K–12
Tel: 561-212-4350
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